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Karla Detention – The Book!$55.00 $35.00


Karla Tobie Presents “Karla, Detention” – The first book by entrepreneur, influencer and body positivity advocate, Karla Tobie. Deemed one of the most innovative marketing strategies of this time, this book is filled with the secrets and tools that will teach you how to take your audience, place them in detention – and keep them there.

Setting the tone with the real-life story of the development of Karla Bootcamp, the principles behind good marketing and great storytelling, are the foundation of this book.

Included! The bonus 15-Step “No-Lose Only Win” Strategy to Killing your next Marketing Campaign, the Karla Way.

Topics include:

  • step-by-step instructions on creating a marketing strategy
  • content and imagery focused launch campaigns
  • best practices for creating viral content
  • creating buzz, generating strategies and growing customer base
  • and how to do it all, by yourself – right now!

While this class was two-hours, and viewed live, we’re taking you behind the scenes with no edits, what-so-ever!

How to view? Upon purchase, simply download the book to your phone, this way you have access.


Distribution of its content, in whole or part is strictly prohibited, this includes the sharing of excerpts, posting of book, use of pages, and beyond. For permission to use any parts of this book, please email release@karlatobie.com and subject Content Release.

What was that? Oh, we thought a business with no marketing said something. – xo, Karla



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